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Consultations are available online (video conference using Google Meet), by phone (for US and Colombia-based clients), and in-person in Medellin, Colombia (El Poblado). To book an appointment, visit the Scheduling Page or scroll to the bottom of this page.


Ayurveda Initial

60 Min - $120 USD
120 Min - $220 USD

An initial consultation is focused on a thorough examination of your health situation and includes the following:
– Discussion of your current health concerns and goals
– Assessment of your health history and family health history
– Assessment of your current dietary habits and daily routines
– Analysis of your innate constitution (prakrti, your balance of the doshas vata, pitta, and kapha) and current imbalances
– Review of relevant bloodwork and medical tests
– Tongue, nail, and face analysis
– Pulse reading (in-person appointments only)
Based on this, we can discuss how different health concerns and imbalances are traditionally handled within Ayurveda.
A 60-minute initial is sufficient for a general evaluation of your health and ways of managing it. A 120-minute consultation is recommended for clients who have a long or complex medical history, or who would like more time to discuss specific topics in-depth.

Ayurveda Follow-Up

30 Min - $70
60 Min - $120

For existing clients. A follow-up to evaluate your progress, check in about any new developments and make adjustments accordingly.
A 30-minute follow-up is sufficient to do a general review of any changes and resolve any doubts or questions. A 60-minute follow-up is recommended for those who have experienced a substantial change, who wish to discuss something in-depth, or who have not consulted for a long time.

Vedic Astrology

Astrology Reading

60 Minutes - $150
120 Minutes - $275

A reading of your vedic astrological birth chart to illuminate and discuss important themes and questions in your life and learn about your deeper nature. We can discuss whatever subject you would like in a reading; some of the most common subjects are described on the astrology page.
All readings include a copy of your astrological birth chart and a recording of the session.
A one-hour reading is enough to cover the most important aspects of your individual path in this lifetime and address major questions or concerns about what is going during this period of your life A two-hour reading is available for those who want greater detail about specific subjects or wish to cover several different areas of life with greater depth.
A reading requires your date, place, and time of birth. If you don’t have your time of birth, we can do a general reading but it is not possible to do it with as much accuracy and detail. In such cases, you can request a rectification reading to attempt to determine your time of birth.

Mentoring Sessions

60 Minutes - $50
120 Minutes - $90

I offer mentoring sessions for students of Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology to help you study more effectively and learn difficult topics with greater depth, nuance, and clarity. Mentoring sessions are open times when we can talk about anything you would like to learn and can be structured around your specific needs and goals.

Late Arrivals, No-Shows, & Cancelations Policy

A grace period of 15 minutes is permitted for clients to arrive to their session. A late arrival is 15 minutes or more later than the scheduled appointment time. A no-show is a client who fails to appear for a scheduled appointment without providing at least 24 hours’ cancellation notice. There are no refunds given for no-shows and late arrivals, but you will be given the option of either having your session later that day, if the schedule permits, or rescheduled for a later date.
A full refund is given for appointments canceled with at least 24 hours’ notice. A cancellation charge of 50% of the cost of the appointment will be applied to cancelations made with less than 24 hours’ notice. If you must cancel an appointment due to an emergency, please make a conscious effort to contact me as soon as you realize that you will need to miss your appointment.

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