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Vedic astrology, or Jyotish, is the traditional astrology of India. Jyotish can be translated as the science of light. This alone represents so much of what astrology is and can do, namely the potential that it has to bring light into our lives.

How Does it Work?

How Does it Work? Each of us is here to work out our karma through our experiences, and we see a lot of that through the circumstances in which we are born and our natural inclinations and tendencies. But that does not mean that we are fated to have our life unfold a certain way. With this deeper self-knowledge and understanding of challenging themes, you can navigate your life with more awareness. That awareness helps you bring forth the higher potential that you have.

How Can Astrology Help You?

Astrology is a science that reflects the complexity of life itself. As a tool it can see through to the heart of any matter, and all matters of life can be illuminated in some way through astrology. Here are just some of the common themes and subjects that astrology can help you with.

Natal Chart Overview

Recommended for new clients or those who are curious to explore astrology and what it can offer. This is an overview of your natal chart and its major themes. The natal chart is like a map of your karma; it shows the influences that make you who you are and the major things you are here to work in on in this lifetime. Understanding this map allows you to navigate your life with more awareness and be better prepared to face struggle or achieve success.
This includes an assessment of your ascendant sign, Moon sign, and Sun sign (using sidereal zodiac) and their significations, as well as an assessment of the other planets.

Career Reading

An evaluation of your tendencies in your professional life and the influences that it has. This reading is to help shed light on your approach to commitment, duty, and responsibilities and help guide you to a professional path that is better aligned with your dharma in this lifetime.

Relationship Reading

What do all of your relationships have in common? You. This reading is done for you to evaluate your tendencies within relationships and help you better understand the dynamics that underly them. Having this understanding gives you the ability to make more informed and conscious choices in your relationships with others. This reading only evaluates your chart; for a couple’s reading, consider the compatibility reading.

Couple’s Compatibility Reading

A compatibility reading looks at the charts of two people and how they synergize. It looks to explain the dynamics between two people, where there is harmonious connection and where there are points of contention and why. This is a powerful way to understand one another and why relationships play out the way they do.

Annual Review (Varshaphala)

This annual review reads the upcoming year beginning from your birthday to evaluate what the upcoming year has in store for you. Knowing about the major themes of the upcoming year gives you the ability to better prepare and align yourself with what is to come and life it to the fullest. This reading can be done each year.

Question Reading (Prashna)

In this reading, you may ask a question and receive insight and guidance around what it is you wish to know. The question can be about anything; common questions revolve around major decisions or understanding difficult or confusing situations in your life. This reading does not require your birth information.

Selection of Auspicious Times (Muhurta)

There are suitable and unsuitable times for doing anything in life, and the moment a new endeavor begins is important for how unfolds. Choosing an auspicious time in advance of a major new undertaking can help promote its success. This can be done for a wide range of events or actions, including weddings, travel, and starting or rebranding a business.


To get the most accurate information from a reading, your place, date, and time of birth are needed Without a birth time, more general readings and question readings are still possible, but to get the best information it is worth doing a rectification.
Rectification is the process by which an astrologer can determine your precise time of birth based on the events in your life. This requires a list of important events in your life, such as marriages, divorces, major events related to health or career, moving, births of children, or any other significant changes in your life.
Alternatively, your time of birth is usually listed on your birth certificate or hospital birth record. If you do not have it, it may be possible to obtain a new copy by contacting the hospital or county. If you do not have it, it may be possible to obtain a new copy by contacting the hospital or county.



“My session with Sebastian was truly exquisite. Sebastian communicates his interpretations clearly, without judgement, and responsibly. I felt safe, seen, and invited into the beauty of my chart. The experience was an opportunity to understand myself with more love, compassion, and clarity.”

Annie Brashear

"If this is your 1st time (or 5th time for that matter) getting a vedic astrological reading, I would strongly suggest connecting with Sebastian Urrea. During the reading, Sebastian was present, open and perceptive. He listened closely and took the time to clarify the themes that came up. Sebastian answered my questions thoughtfully and presented his insights in a reflective manner. It was a fun and affirming experience."

Emily Weinberg

Sebastian did a chart reading for my partner and me, and the truth is that it was very astounding, very different from the other types of astrology readings we were familiar with before. All of the assertions that he made were very accurate, about both the past and present. He also gave us insights and recommendations to consider for the future without getting too esoteric or falling into predictive visions, just giving good advice.

Diego Roldán

I loved my chart reading with Sebastian, and the way that he explains from the beginning the differences with other types of readings. It awoke in me a desire to learn more about the vision of ayurveda, not only at the astrological level but also at the physical and nutritional level. I’m deeply thankful to have found Sebastian and all of the information that he offered me through his knowledge of the planets.

Carolina Calle
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