Helping You Achieve Well-Being

During a consultation, I work with you to help you achieve better health through a combination of nutrition, lifestyle, and medicinal herbs. Through our work together, my goal is to offer you tools, support, and guidance that are specifically tailored to what you need to achieve better health, and thereby be able to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Scheduling & Pricing

I offer consultations both in-person and by phone or video-conference.
An initial consultation lasts between 60-90 minutes and costs $80 USD.
Follow-up consultations last 45-60 minutes and cost $40 USD.

Request a Consultation:

How it Works

An initial consultation lasts between 60-90 minutes. During this time, I listen to your health concerns and health history, and ask you a number of questions that help me assess your current state of health. In-person consultations also include a pulse reading (details below).

I then offer you recommendations tailored to your specific needs, which can include herbal medicines as well as nutritional recommendations and lifestyle changes.

I will then ask you to have a follow-up consultation with me in about 6-8 weeks, after you’ve had time to incorporate what we discuss. At a follow-up consultation, we assess how you’ve been doing and how things have changed. I’ll modify any recommendations or herbal preparations as needed, and together we can assess what the next best steps will be. My goal in working with you is always to get you to a point where you feel empowered in your ability to manage your health on an ongoing basis and need only follow-up with me occasionally or as needed.

What I Work With

My practice is to treat the individual, not the disease. I work with all people experiencing all kinds of ailments, regardless of race, gender, class, sexuality, religion, etc. I frequently help clients with such concerns as:

  • Digestive problems, including indigestion, bloating, gas, colic, acid reflux, heartburn, diarrhea, and constipation
  • Managing and alleviating metabolic conditions such as hypertension, high cholesterol, insulin resistance, and diabetes
  • Cleansing parasites and rebalancing gut bacteria, including giardia and candidiasis
  • Clearing up skin conditions, including acne, eczema, and dermatitis
  • Achieving a healthy weight
  • Managing chronic illnesses and their symptoms, such as autoimmune and rheumatic conditions
  • Respiratory symptoms and conditions, such as chronic cough, congestion, or allergies
  • Improving sexual functioning and fertility
  • For women, supporting healthy menstruation, pregnancy, birth, and menopause, as well as other reproductive concerns
  • Improving sleep and helping you to feel more energetic throughout the day
  • Overcoming depression and anxiety and maintaining mental clarity

Pulse Reading

In-person consultations include a pulse-reading. Through a pulse reading, I can learn about your individual constitution, your current state of imbalance, and the current state of the various tissues, organs, and physiological functions of your body. I use this as one of many tools to assess your current state of health and determine the most appropriate recommendations for you.

Herbal Preparations

During an appointment, I will make recommendations for herbal preparations or herbal remedies, which can include herbal teas, customized herbal formulas, and specialized items such as medicated oils that I provide, among other medicines. We will work together to determine what works best according to your situation. Any herbal preparations that I provide are invoiced separately from the cost of the appointment.